At Transformadores del Caribe y Representaciones S.A.S we are dedicated to the prevention of accidents and damage to property, through the control and minimization of risks within the work space, which could result in casualties or material damage during the process of MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS AND RECONSTRUCTION OF TRANSFORMERS, ELECTRICAL TESTING AND QUALITY OIL TESTING.

We promote the quality of life in the work space and the prevention of occupational illnesses through safety awareness focused on the prevention and health self-care within the company’s processes, tightly monitored by the Colombian legislation and internal regulations in industrial safety, occupational health and environment, with annual allocation of the necessary resources to develop the program.

Our commitment is to maintain the high safety standards, occupational health and environment to satisfy our clients, safeguard their assets as well as our own, enforcing the constant improvement in quality management, keeping in mind the well-being of the employees, families, clients, associates, contractors and visitors, protecting the environment and the welfare of the community.

Tradelca S.A.S


Transformadores del Caribe y Representaciones S.A.S (Tradelca) is a Company located in the city of Barranquilla. The company was founded in the 1970’s with one goal in mind: to fully satisfy the public and private sectors requirements for the ever growing industry in the Atlantic Coast.

Address :
Phone: (5) 3682197 Mobile: 320 549 1036 Barranquilla-Colombia