At Transformadores del Caribe y Representaciones S.A.S we are dedicated to offering a fast, efficient and reliable service performed with high quality in the areas of maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of transformers, quality oil testing, business representations for international companies within the electrical engineering field, in order to guarantee the electrical supply of our clients.

We rely on cutting edge technology that allows us to provide a high quality service, qualified personnel that perform their task with high ethics and professionalism, and are dedicated to preserving the environment.


Tradelca S.A.S


Transformadores del Caribe y Representaciones S.A.S (Tradelca) is a Company located in the city of Barranquilla. The company was founded in the 1970’s with one goal in mind: to fully satisfy the public and private sectors requirements for the ever growing industry in the Atlantic Coast.

Address :
Phone: (5) 3682197 Mobile: 320 549 1036 Barranquilla-Colombia